Climate action : make it visible. Accelerate.

Our main goal at the « Step Up Climate Action » is to connect different actors of the environmental ecosystem of Bogota in order to make visible and accelerate climate initiatives occurring in Bogotá and Colombia and, at the same time, create awareness about what needs to be done to tackle climate change.

Our first action was organizing a Shaper Talk about Climate Action (“Acciones por el Clima”) on the World Environmental Day 2018. Shaper Talks are Ted Talk-style panels organized by our Hub which gather experts on different topics and generate conversations about their work and contributions around it. 

Our second action was supporting programs for cleaning up waste such as Let’s Do It and the Ministry of Environment. The purpose of these events is to create awareness on the trash problem and move citizens to implement real changes to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. We participated in 2 cleanup days in Bogotá with +1,350 volunteers that together collected +6 tons of waste.

Our third action was planting 95 trees in a protected area of our city in order to diminish the carbon footprint of the Step Up Climate Action team. We want to assure this practice continues in the Hub and every year all our shapers plant enough trees to diminish their carbon footprint.

For 2019, we are going to work in two fronts, one is to connect and leverage organizations that support green entrepreneurs and the second is to create and support initiatives that allows citizens and shapers to reduce their carbon footprint.