From street-smart to street-educated



An estimated 150 million children and youth grow up in harsh conditions without a safe and caretaking environment. They live and work on the streets of big cities, are on the move from conflict or natural disasters or run away from socio-economic problems at home. For these children, the streets become their main learning environment, where they develop essential survival skills and build their identity. Non-formal education and outreach work are crucial to help them grow into positive contributors to society.

Mobile School has developed an integrated outreach methodology to support street educators worldwide in unlocking the potential of these children in the environment where they feel most comfortable, the streets. Mobile School valorises the talents and survival skills of street-connected children in 28 countries worldwide. We have been doing that for more than 20 years now. Our pioneering outreach strategy shifts the youngsters’ attitudes away from assistance to empowerment.

Parallel to this, and inspired by the many extraordinary youngsters Mobile School works with, our hybrid partner StreetwiZe has developed its impact driven approach to talent and leadership growth. They have decoded street savviness to answer learning demands in a business context. StreetwiZe invests 100% of their profit in Mobile School, co-creates the educational materials and relentlessly supports Mobile School by increasing its social impact.

In reality, our world is ever more about uncertainty. Many of the forces driving the speeding changes are beyond our control. Becoming an organisation of enabled people that spot opportunities, act decisive and shift boundaries through authentic connection, is a transition many companies would sign up for.

We call these organisations – StreetwiZe organisations.  With an authentic story and our unique approach, we inspire people to look differently at themselves and the world, and invite them to reimagine their personal role in their organisation and their chances and opportunities to make a difference. One thing for sure is that your people will instantly apply their new StreetwiZe skills and tools. Why? Because they feel and experience their 360 impact from the start.

Arnoud Raskin is General Director of Mobile School & StreetwiZe