Keeping them warm

Embrace Innovations has developed an innovative, low-cost infant warmer to help the twenty million premature and low birth weight infants born annually.  These births occur primarily in developing countries, often in areas that don’t have access to modern medicine. One of the biggest problems these babies face is hypothermia, as they are not able to regulate their own body temperature. In fact, room temperature for these small infants feels freezing cold. Four million babies die within their first month of life. Those that do survive often develop life-long health problems such as early onset diabetes, heart disease, and low IQ.

Embrace has developed a low cost infant warmer for vulnerable babies in developing countries. The warmer works without a constant supply of electricity, making it suitable for rural areas. Embrace has impacted over 40,000 babies across ten countries since its launch, and has been recognized in the World Health Organization’s compendium of medical devices for global health.  The vision of the organization is to develop a line of innovative healthcare technologies for developing countries, focused on reducing infant and maternal deaths.

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