Micro-loans for education

Concerned with the increase of drug abuse and street crime among Indonesia’s youth, coupled with the rising rate of high school dropouts, Veronica Colondam established YCAB Foundation fifteen years ago. The YCAB Foundation was created to teach underprivileged youth to be independent through education and economic empowerment. It pioneered social investment in 2009 through its education-linked micro-loan, where educational attainment is the precondition of loan.  They enable the youth to be independent through educational provisions, economic assistance, and welfare creation.

YCAB Foundation’s programs comprise of: Healthy Lifestyle Promotion (HeLP); House of Learning and Development (HoLD); and Hands-on Operation for Entrepreneurship/Economic (HOpE)

The organization started from reaching out to 2000 youths in 1999, to over than two million in 2012. By the year 2015, YCAB aims to transform the lives of five million people.

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