The smaller the village, the greater the opportunities


 Evolve is a social enterprise that aims in creating smart self-sustaining villages. We want to create villages that generate employment opportunities for its residents. Villagers are involved in every step of production and services, which benefits them, the environment and the end consumers.

 Our organization is helping the rural farmers by bringing them into the financial eco-system of the country. Moreover, our programs help them to enhance their skills and bring stability in their income.

 All our products are eco-friendly products which are made from recycled and biodegradable materials. We have a wide range of plantable stationeries that grow into plants after consumption. Hence all our products are carbon negative.

 The end consumer benefits by using a better quality product at the same price. Involvement with our products brings them close to nature, which gives them a sense of tranquility.

 Evolve is trying to develop the culture of sustainable surge in the society through development of various sustainable consumer products.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, India lives in her villages. We believed in the same that making villages self-contained & sustainable is the first step towards empowering India. We now have a better understanding of the core elements of a smart village and hope to use the framework widely across various other villages.  We continue to strive everyday to improve the lives of our fellow villagers and hope to reach out to many more people and be able to make a difference. With our initiative and your support, we believe that we can impact lives of uncountable families across India.


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