The aim of OLBIOS is to provide a participatory platform that will inspire, guide and support anyone, anywhere, to become an active participant in social change.

We believe that there is indeed one fact in this direction that contains hope for a better future: surveys show that the vast majority of people all over the world are ready to take part in positive social action and looking for ways to join the millions already involved.

Equally importantly, by 2022, 6 billion people will have access to the Web. These two developments represent an enormous potential for social change. In response to precisely this fact, and to give everyone the opportunity to design or

scale up their social engagement, we have designed the following three free online tools.

A) The OLBIOS JOURNAL, a participatory online platform in several languages, already online, that provide access to knowledge and insights exclusively focused on exceptional social action initiatives and solutions. Our JOURNAL turns the spotlight on millions of people involved in social action, offering them for once the exposure they deserve.

B) The OLBIOS COMMUNITY will become a hub for collaborators, mentors, friends with common values and shared interests, investors, job opportunities, brainstorming partners and advisors that can orient everyone interested towards social action. It will be a comprehensive network for the people who are already involved in social projects but, equally importantly, anyone who wants to become involved.

C) The OLBIOS SOCIAL FUND will make accessible funds and practical support to all. It will be a dedicated funding platform where everyone will be able to support and receive support for a broad range of social projects.

OLBIOS invites the social impact community to inspire, consult, guide and mentor millions of people wishing to become actively engaged. It hopes to become a bridge between an estimated 300 million people actively involved in positive social action and the billions who wish to join them.

If this becomes a reality, the potential for change is immense. Just imagine the impact of millions of people working together on different projects, large or small, each contributing according to their abilities and available time to strengthen their communities and make a difference in the world.

Join us and give OLBIOS even greater momentum and scope.


If you are a third sector professional, or actively involved in civil society organisations, NGOs, Foundations or community associations small and large, a human rights activist, a social entrepreneur or volunteer, involved in social start-ups, or engaged in groups working on the environment, disability, gender or youth issues, a doer or thinker interested in the positive social impact of culture, arts, religions or the media and the Technologies for Good, and if you have proposals to tacle issues of governance, justice, education or public health- or if you are just interested in social issues, regardless of background:

You are warmly invited to join us and help us throw the spotlight on the work of thousands of exciting projects and inspirational people. Click here to find out how you can participate.

Give OLBIOS even greater momentum and scope.