Erick Ombija is a student of Kenyatta University, youth advocate, agribusiness enthusiast and human rights crusader. Erick comes from a very humble and distressed family, an environment that has strengthened his spirit and passion to advance social change. Whenever he is overwhelmed by the prevailing economic turbulence, he finds solace in community service and volunteering work. He has established a humanitarian career in grassroots advocacy for the last five years.Erick mastered the art of Steadfast Resolution in Being the Voice of Reasoning when chosen to be a student leader back in primary and secondary schools. In 2012, he served as the Chairman to the Students’ Council, Otieno Oyoo Boys’ High School. This position frequently made him to reflect on Servant Leadership and Community Interests. He sat for the national exams. He completed his high school when he had mastered the art of public speaking and visionary leadership. Before the results were announced, he founded Arise Pamoja Community Initiative, a program that facilitated motivational talks in both local primary and secondary schools with an emphasis on the idea that “economic background is not a determinant to your future prospect, your future is in your mind not hand. Work Smart.”He excelled in the national exams but could not enter university immediately due to lack of fees. He continued with community service with a renewed passion and then managed to enter university. Others are stories in a book yet to be written.
The Arise Pamoja Community Initiative evolved to Youth 4 Youth Initiative and now to the Grassroots Transforming Network, GTN. GTN is a community based non-governmental, non-political and not for profit organization in Kisumu county. In August 2017, GTN was restructured to focus on three thematic areas: Useful and Active Participation of Youth in Agriculture; Innovative Vocational Learning; and Sustainable Education Scholarship Program for the Needy Young People. GTN remains a humble organization since we lack a network with potential partners. We appeal to donors, investors and/or collaborators to join and support us in launching and implementing our designed projects. Currently, Erick serves as the acting Chief Executive Officer at GTN. He is a member of Amnesty International Kenya, World Youth Alliance and affiliate member of Writers Guild Kenya. He aspires to be one of the renowned youth advocates championing youth agenda both at the local and international levels. He looks for more mentors to build his personality and transform more lives.