Because of the participatory nature of the OLBIOS NETWORK, we rely on the collaboration and input of as many Correspondents from as many countries as possible. Each Correspondent has the unique opportunity of showing the best of their country across many sectors.

This is why we invite you to become a Correspondent and showcase the most exciting and inspiring initiatives in your country.

OLBIOS correspondents will be able to choose, together with our team, their own tasks from the proposed list below.

Advantages include:

  • Use of the OLBIOS accreditation to contact exciting and inspiring organizations. So far, all organizations contacted have been enthusiastic about the possibility of having their work featured in OLBIOS.
  • Professional or entry-level experience for anyone looking to build a resume in the relevant sectors featured in OLBIOS.
  • Exciting networking and professional opportunities across the world by connecting with exceptional people in the same or similar sectors. Our Correspondents are included in our ‘Who We Are’ Team Page with their picture and profile.

CORRESPONDENTS are at all times free to choose any projects that interest them or to end their collaboration with OLBIOS any time they chose.

OLBIOS reserves the right not to publish material that is not appropriate for inclusion or publication. This includes projects that are offensive or incite violence in any way, or projects that would be better served on a different platform or medium.

Tasks from which a Correspondent can choose to contribute
Please note there is no minimum requirement for content. Each contributor may participate according to their available time.

  • Submission of video content of your own project
  • Submission of video content of another project you regard as exceptional
  • Research and link submission of relevant projects
  • Submission of original articles
  • Contacting organizations/institutions with the aim of collaborating with OLBIOS.
  • Contacting prominent individuals who may be interested to be interviewed or contribute content to OLBIOS.
  • Finding new Correspondents in your own country or beyond
  • Translating texts or subtitling video content
  • Producing videos
  • Conducting interviews
  • Increasing OLBIOS’ visibility and outreach
  • Working with the OLBIOS team with community management in the social media sector
  • Contacting partners from the NGO, media, financial, scientific and business sectors.

We are thrilled to collaborate with anyone who shares our vision of showcasing a better and more dignified humanity and we look forward to hearing from you!

Give OLBIOS even greater momentum and scope.