Danielle Ennis


Born and raised in London, Danielle has dedicated almost a decade of support and empowerment to others. Stirred by a passion for potential, she has equipped youth and adults to achieve both personal development and career orientated goals. Danielle first developed an interest in advocacy and community whilst at university. Through studying law she became interested in injustice and for a time considered practicing family law. However, it was her seasonal work at a youth charity that triggered a response to help others in a different way, to support young people as a frontline worker, equipping them with the long-term skills they required to truly thrive. Completing her degree, she took a bold step to turn away from a legal career and followed the pull in another direction.
Danielle’s reach went across London, supporting young people with various issues such as substance misuse, gang involvement, mental health, and peer issues. She loved witnessing lives change through successful partnership. Relatable but firm, she used honesty, humour and her own experiences to connect and build meaningful relationships. Danielle was also a forerunner in developing best practice and strategies, to aid organizational goals in each place of work.  In the later years, she turned her focus to providing life-skills resources for the education and social sector. Lessons and publications are created to equip practitioners, parents and young people in the development of soft skills such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Danielle is also passionate about coaching adults, finding it an effective tool in empowering others to meet and exceed their goals and ambitions. The themes of personal development, progress and living fulfilling lives also continues into speaking engagements. Danielle is a frequently requested speaker, invited to share to a variety of audiences, on topics that inspire others towards positive change. Danielle became a member of the Royal Society of Arts in 2017, following recommendation for her community and coaching work.