What is Olbios

OLBIOS.org is the first participative online platform dedicated to exceptional initiatives, projects and people in the field of social action. OLBIOS is also unique in that it is published in special editions in five languages and covers every field of social activity. Its target is to provide the necessary tools and services for even more people to become involved in social action.

What does ‘OLBIOS’ mean?

OLBIOS is an ancient Greek word that describes the blessed and fulfilled individual.

Is OLBIOS a non-profit? Where is it based?

OLBIOS is a non-profit association, an ‘association d’utilité publique’, based in France, N° RNA (registre national des associations-registry number) W131008800.

What is new about OLBIOS?

OLBIOS is the first network of its kind to provide not only knowledge, through the OLBIOS JOURNAL, but also networking potential made available through the guides, mentors and collaborators in its social network and funds and concrete support from its crowdfunding platform.

Why is this the right time for OLBIOS?

We believe that this is the right time because from the one hand we are experiencing a global humanitarian and moral crisis but on the other hand an explosion of citizen initiatives around the globe that still remain almost invisible. In our opinion, it is urgent to highlight precisely these initiatives that represent the best chance we have to overcome the global crisis.

Is OLBIOS free?

Access to all of OLBIOS’s services is free.

When did it go online?

The English edition went online on July 2016, after 7 years of preparation, the Portuguese edition in January 2017 followed by all other editions in April of the same year.

Is there a video of the OLBIOS JOURNAL?

Yes, there is a video at the following link

What feedback is OLBIOS getting so far?

The OLBIOS NETWORK has had more than 250,000 followers on its two Facebook pages in their first months, considerable media attention, hundreds of volunteer applications and enthusiastic messages from all countries.

How many people are in your team?

So far, 45 external contributors have been involved in the creation of OLBIOS. You may seesome members from our team here:


What is your target group?

Our target group is, on the one hand, the social impact community and, on the other, every concerned citizen, anywhere in the world, who wishes to actively contribute at a local or international level.

What can I do for OLBIOS?

We would love to hear of any projects, people, ideas you are personally involved in or find exciting and worthwhile. Sending us material is exceptionally easy. Please also consider becoming a Member or Advocate of OLBIOS. More details are available here:



What kind of material can I send for publication?

We do not host opinion articles for the time being. But we do accept for consideration texts on projects, people, ideas with a positive and constructive impact on society.

Are there any requirements for submission?

Texts should be two to three paragraphs long, accompanied by video material and a website of the initiative or project, if available. We will then consider and edit the material. A number of submissions will be translated in other languages too.

Is your content original?

All the material originates from the websites of the projects featured at OLBIOS. We would like to stress that what you see is a very small sample of what we wish to accomplish, which is to create our own audiovisual content and interviews.

Can I make a donation?

We welcome donations. To this end, we have created a specific page with gift proposals.

Please follow the link


Can I become involved in OLBIOS?

We would be very glad to work with you! Please contact us through our mail for more information on how you can volunteer or become an OLBIOS Correspondent.

Give OLBIOS even greater momentum and scope.