The children in Niger cannot wait

Pierre Mertens travels to Niger and writes about the urgency of humanitarian aid but also the need to overcome much more on a local level.

The impressive achievements of the fight against the death penalty

France : Aurelie Placais, Director of the World Coalition Against The Death Penalty, is presenting them on OLBIOS.

Does everyone really have the right to work?

Abdullah Al Nasser, author and Founder of « Edmaj » in Jordan, writes at OLBIOS on the employment rights of former prisoners

How do you put an end to human trafficking?

Derek Ellerman and the Polaris Project

Standing by you in the digital world

the work of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Don't let the past become their future

Eva Marzewski and the Peacebuilders International

The horror of "honour"

discover a network against abuse and a film about a love story

People love each other even when it's forbidden

meet the Invisibles of Sébastien Lifshitz

Who killed Farida Afridi?

the price of fighting for women’s rights

When an activist joined forces with a boxing champion

watch the excellent CNN documentary: "The Fighters"

The best Film Network

informative and inspiring : 38 festivals to choose from

Show these to your students!

30 short videos from the first entirely student-run international organization

Arts in prison

an excellent project in Alabama

Medical apartheid

the truth about the experimentation on black americans

Technology and human rights

choosing the activists you want to support and the dictators you want to weaken

Transformative Justice

the goal should never be to punish

Who is watching the ones who watch?

observing police abuse

The Danish and the urgency to end torture

while no less than 131 countries are torturing their citizens

What is the best approach to reducing gang violence?

the work of the National Gang Center

Broken system

what is going wrong in Latin America?

Is killing natural?

answers from Dave Grossman

You need to make it therapeutic

the power of the Law on the emotions

Mandela's real offer

a documentary about the Commission for Reconciliation

Should we abolish the prisons?

arguments of a movement

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