A quiet revolution in Malawi

Tiwale, or how to escape poverty through education

Immersing ourselves in other cultures

Katy Kavanaugh, founder at 360.tv, spoke to OLBIOS from San Francisco on how travel is a great teacher and the gift of being able to immerse ourselves in a culture other than our own.

Learning to see like an anthropologist

California, USA: Jeff Katcherian, Founder at Culture Academy, talks to OLBIOS on underrepresented students and how to expand their understanding of the world and their worlds.

How can you track a student’s progress?

Jennifer Medbery, a math teacher, founded Kickboard, the best technology for schools that want to see real results from a better school culture.

How Covid-19 rendered the impossible possible

Berlin: Prof Andreas Kaplan, Rector of ESCP Business School, writes on the exciting consequences of the move to online teaching, a subject that for a number of years had attracted intense debate and speculation.

The digital solution to an old but serious enemy: illiteracy

Nigeria: Illiteracy and poverty go hand in hand; Technology, such as the Digital Language Tutor, however, has ‘paved a new road’ in mass education and the acquisition of new skills, says Elvis Austins, Founder of PDLT, in his interview with OLBIOS.

Can a bank be based on Christian values? 

Tommy PIemonte presents at OLBIOS the exceptional work of BKC

The urgent need for disaster-resilient homes and schools

USA: Erik Dyson, present the excellent response of All Hands and Hearts

Success in Finland

Helinä Piik is sharing her experiences with an outstanding educational system

How to target a city’s tough issues

Philadelphia, USA and the power of one: Tiffany Yau presents the work of Fulphil at OLBIOS

Healing through Learning

Changing lives in Rwanda

When a competition grows into a nationwide movement

The XQ Super School Movement

Why does it work in Finland?

history and reasons of a success story

Stop messing with my brother

the adventure of Bullyvention

Show this film to every student!

watch the work of 46 Uncommon Heroes

Jews and Arabs living together

the Hand in Hand project

Affordable higher education

try the platform Udacity

A tool kit for learning disabilities

Clare Wavamunno and the Hill Preparatory School

The Big Picture

an excellent documentary on dyslexia

A Canadian with a big heart

a unique orphanage in Tanzania

What matters the most for a tennis player

caring for the children in Serbia

The children of Vietnam

and a Fund to protect them

The third son of Li Ka Shing

discover one of the most active foundations in Asia

The young protectors

meet the Humanity in action

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