Immersing ourselves in other cultures

Katy Kavanaugh, founder at 360.tv, spoke to OLBIOS from San Francisco on how travel is a great teacher and the gift of being able to immerse ourselves in a culture other than our own.

Success in Finland

Helinä Piik shares her experiences with an outstanding educational system

Learning to see like an anthropologist

California, USA: Jeff Katcherian, Founder at Culture Academy, talks to OLBIOS on underrepresented students and how to expand their understanding of the world and their worlds.

How can you track a student’s progress?

Jennifer Medbery, a math teacher, founded Kickboard, the best technology for schools that want to see real results from a better school culture.

How Covid-19 rendered the impossible possible

Berlin: Prof Andreas Kaplan, Rector of ESCP Business School, writes on the exciting consequences of the move to online teaching, a subject that for a number of years had attracted intense debate and speculation.

The digital solution to an old but serious enemy: illiteracy

Nigeria: Illiteracy and poverty go hand in hand; Technology, such as the Digital Language Tutor, however, has ‘paved a new road’ in mass education and the acquisition of new skills, says Elvis Austins, Founder of PDLT, in his interview with OLBIOS.

Can a bank be based on Christian values? 

Tommy PIemonte presents at OLBIOS the exceptional work of BKC

The urgent need for disaster-resilient homes and schools

USA: Erik Dyson, present the excellent response of All Hands and Hearts

Success in Finland

Helinä Piik is sharing her experiences with an outstanding educational system

How to target a city’s tough issues

Philadelphia, USA and the power of one: Tiffany Yau presents the work of Fulphil at OLBIOS

Healing through Learning

Changing lives in Rwanda

When a competition grows into a nationwide movement

The XQ Super School Movement

Why does it work in Finland?

history and reasons of a success story

Stop messing with my brother

the adventure of Bullyvention

Show this film to every student!

watch the work of 46 Uncommon Heroes

Where is the room where I can read?

how to give books to 15 million children

Affordable higher education

try the platform Udacity

Jews and Arabs living together

the Hand in Hand project

A tool kit for learning disabilities

Clare Wavamunno and the Hill Preparatory School

The Big Picture

an excellent documentary on dyslexia

A Canadian with a big heart

a unique orphanage in Tanzania

What matters the most for a tennis player

caring for the children in Serbia

The children of Vietnam

and a Fund to protect them

The third son of Li Ka Shing

discover one of the most active foundations in Asia

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