Support for the local communities in Serbia: When there is a will there is a way?

Tanja Radovic interviews two CSR experts on the field

How can we face growing levels of poverty?

Italy: Davide Carimati reports on the exemplary project Insieme

Food excess is the neglected issue in the hospitality industry

Benjamin Lephilibert, Founder of LightBlue Environmental Consulting, writes on why food waste is the elephant in the room, especially in the hotel sector

Creating a ‘national story’ of solutions

David Laurent, Head of Climate & Resources department at EpE, tells OLBIOS from France about business issues that weren’t even on the table a year ago.

Creating Businesses out of Problems

Julien Verzier, Co-Director at BroadLeaf Group, spoke to OLBIOS from Cape Town, SA, on how the economy can benefit only if its direct environment benefits also.

For a successful economy, look at well-being

Diego Isabel La Moneda, Executive Director NESI Forum of New Economy and Social Innovation talked to OLBIOS from Spain on the idea of co-creating the economy.

Who will help you grow?

How Linda Rottenberg connected talented emerging market entrepreneurs with a world-class network of business leaders, creating 200.000 jobs

How can you help 10000 business through a community of Mothers

How the project Hapinoy is providing mothers with the necessary knowledge and tools to make their dreams come true and support their families.

Business not as usual

TTurkey: Perhaps one of the biggest lessons of the pandemic has been the urgent need to reassess our priorities, including the idea of ‘business as usual’, says Richard Betts, Sustainability Director at KPMG, in an interview with OLBIOS.

How « Humans in the Loop » is making the digital remote work economy more inclusive amidst COVID-19

Bulgaria: During lockdown, millions continued work from home, An entirely new work paradigm seemed to be emerging, But this is only part of the story which is also one of increasing inequality for low-skilled workers, write Iva Gumnishka and Namrata Yadav in the OLBIOS special Covid-19 edition.

Making SDGs work: A private sector perspective

Germany: Julian Bents, CEO & Founder of Tomorrow is Now, shows how current corporate efforts towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals, while admirable, leave much to be desired

And now for Blockchain Ecology

Gunther Sonnenfeld, founding partner of Novena Capital, writes on why blockchain ecology is critical in building ‘polycultural’ systems

Does entrepreneurship have the power to create a better world - and how?

Portugal: In his article, Miguel Reynolds Brandao, a believer in entrepreneurship as a type of mission, explains how in innovative enterprises consumers become part of the story.

How Blockchain will disrupt the Power Sector

Brianna Lee Welsh, Managing Director at Sindicatum Blockchain Technologies, discusses ownership, sharing economy and disruptive peer-to-peer networks

Beneath the Surface of corporate responsibility: Data-Driven CSR

Adam Nathan, CEO of The Bartlett System and Akash Gai, Managing Director of Development3, share their insights on the importance of linking CSR strategies with data.

Recovering billions that are earned illegally or laundered in Germany

Christoph Trautvetter, Director of Netzwerk Steuergerechtigkeit, argues that fighting money laundering is as important as development aid

Africa always was and still is rich

Massimiliano Fanni Cannelles writes on why Africa seems like the promised land for so many countries eager to invest there, but the threat of a new colonialism looms large

From footprints to handprints

We all know of the importance of a company’s footprint in relation to the environment, A handprint is equally important, writes Frantz Dhers

Providing decent work for unskilled labour can save lives

Nigeria : Oladimeji Johnson Ojo presents A Sobanjo and shows the power of recycling

Often, it all depends on finding the right bank

Belgium : Sebastian Stodulka writes at OLBIOS about the need to strike the right balance between sustainability and socially-committed policies

The most important opportunity for corporations

UK: Barnard Weston writes at OLBIOS on corporate social innovation

How Hoxby challenged the 9-5, and created the « workstyle » revolution

UK : Alex Hirst and Lizzie Penny, Co-Founders and Joint CEOs of The Hoxby Collective, present their social enterprise at OLBIOS.

Connect, motivate, retain : how to reinvent volunteerism

San Francisco : USA : Anitha Beberg tells OLBIOS about SEVA EXCHANGE

The revolution of sharing

London, UK : Benita Matofska presents for OLBIOS the work of Generation Share

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