The future of fashion manufacturing

Discovering the custom made clothing from mushrooms

Closing the gender gap in tech

A Swedish company teaches coding to pre-teen girls

Unlocking the natural power of Lignin

Austria: How biomass can replace the most harmful chemicals

How to improve the life of bees through IoT and AI

The methods of an Italian biodeversity company

How to best navigate unfamiliar places

An Australian app has built the ideal route-guidance system

Tracking real needs, in real time

Canadian Natasha Freidus, Founder of NeedsList, tells OLBIOS that donations often come without a clear beneficiary and how the factor determining longevity is your postal code

An Ethical Approach to AI is an Absolute Imperative

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems do what we tell them to do; Without an understanding of human values and ethics, AI systems are useless and even dangerous, argues Professor Andreas Kaplan in his article for OLBIOS.  

The beauty and the strength of Africa

Zambia : Zangose Tembo, Founder of « The Best of Africa » presents at OLBIOS this excellent media platform

The solution is in your pocket

explore the work of frontline SMS

Helping science make a difference

The Breakout Labs initiative

The mobile Zimbabwe

Citizen journalism for the ambitious and the young

Discover the Shamengo pioneers

promoting the very best of social innovation. Shamengo is an association whose aim is to promote the...

How technology can help the best helpers

try the platform Technology for Social Good of JPMorgan Chase

The world in 50 years

Dare to Imagine, Skoll Foundation's brilliant film

Arab digital media, stronger than ever

the example of Twofour54

Standing by you in the digital world

the work of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Slow journalism

and the extraordinary exercise of Paul Salopek

There is something good about Twitter

a book about the potentials of social media

Welcome to the Good community

a magazine, a consultancy and more

Perception, science and art

the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco

What should the ideal technology company look like?

the adventure of Benetech

The Microwork revolution

the Samasource project, crowdsourcing and Leila Janah

Have you heard about the massive urban shift?

the messages of Sidewalk Labs

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