Helping children but also their communities

Rosalie Tieges spoke to OLBIOS from Thailand on how caring for children also creates much-needed jobs for their local communities

The fight against common and fundamental diseases

Nick Sireau, the founder of Orchard, spoke to OLBIOS from London on the lack of funds for OCD research and on how nature reveals its secrets ‘apart from the beaten path’

Learning from the past how to protect our future

USA: Stacy Gallin, Founder and Director at MIMEH, presents in her interview with OLBIOS her work and insights on the most pressing issue: the need for a new moral ethos.

Meet the Global Voices of a Child

Rayan Ezzedine, OLBIOS CORRESPONDENT in Lebanon, tells us about her work with Global Voices of a Child.

Food excess is the neglected issue in the hospitality industry

Thailand: The food waste hacker Benjamin Lephilibert, writes on why food waste is the elephant in the room, especially in the hotel sector.

How can we face growing levels of poverty?

Italy: Davide Carimati reports on his work with the exemplary project Insieme and on how to allow women and men to regain their human worth.

New Zealand’s mental health crisis: what society can do to prevent it

Oliver Carrington shares his experiences and explains why a thriving mental health charity sector could make a real difference in New Zealand.

Can a bank be based on Christian values? 

Tommy PIemonte presents at OLBIOS the exceptional work of BKC

Taking care of the disabled in Iran

From Teheran, Samaneh Shabani, OLBIOS Correspondent in Iran, presents the Tavana association

Listening matters: poor people are not mere beneficiaries

France: Clinical psychologist Adrien Cascarino writes on how empowerment requires a high dose of self-confidence, which is undermined when individuals are regarded as mere beneficiaries.

Defining Oneself and Changing the Narrative

Australia: In his article for OLBIOS, Mohammed Semra, UN Humanitarian Affairs Peace Ambassador, writes on the challenge of defining oneself as opposed to being defined by others, the importance of role models and opportunity.

We are faced with a climate emergency. Can art help?

The artist Kito Mbiango contributed to OLBIOS this interview by Jill Van den Brule, In it, Mbiango points to the crucial role of art in communicating risks, but also motivating people to act.

Churchill’s black dog

Switzerland: Read this excellent report of Maria Halphen, Founder of Meeting for Minds, on her work on mental illness.

The youth as active citizens

Ornella Nana, OLBIOS Correspondent in Ireland, highlights her work at the International Youth Empowerment

Getting a life through coding

Clementine Brown writes from Beirut on the CodeBrave initiative.

From street-smart to street-educated

The learning environment for some kids is the street. Arnoud Raskin presents Mobile School and its pioneering outreach strategy based on empowerment, as opposed to merely assistance.

Educating the orphans

OLBIOS Correspondent Nicholas Sandoval in Tijuana, Mexico, presents the work of Create Purpose.

The pandemic's silver linings

Jordan: Rana Nejem tells OLBIOS about how the pandemic brought people together in the Arab world, often in unprecedented ways.

Bridging the gap between generations

The extraordinary work of the Agewell Foundation in India

Childhoods fit for children and the Alana model

The work of an outstanding Brazilian organisation on children's rights

Meet the Global Voices of a Child

Rayan Ezzedine, OLBIOS correspondent in Lebanon, tells us about Global Voices of a Child.

Shaping the world beyond the pandemic

The Netherlands: Peter Merry, Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity, writes on Humanity Rising and on how the pandemic has brought everyone into the conversation as we all face the same predicament and future.

An eye-opener in so many dimensions

Cambridge, Massachusetts: In an interview with OLBIOS, Carin Knoop, Executive Director at Harvard Business School, addresses the issue of how this pandemic is a game-changer, revealing ‘how close to the edge many people are living’, unevenness of internet access and the importance of skilled labour, among many other things.

There is an ‘I’ in Team

What we do as individuals, our sense of responsibility within communal life, are make or break factors for what lies ahead, says Carl Liederman, in an interview with OLBIOS.

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