My name is Valentin Kehayov. I’m from Bulgaria,Smolyan. I live in isolated rural area, but at the same time this part of Bulgaria With this letter I would like to apply for the participation.

I feel the need to grow as person enriching my culture, language and learning from people that are working right in what I’m interested in. Moreover, the opportunity of this project will provide me with a huge opportunity of having international exposure and multicultural perspective.

As coordinator of projects i have experience in managing events, creating programs and action plans, coordinating communication between the team members and international partners. I’m actively involved as a youth leader and head of groups of young people in a number of training courses and youth exchanges, organized by peer organizations at national and international level. Im responsible for writing proposals, planning, implementation of the approved project activities under the Operational Programme “Human Resources”. I’ve also participated in a number of youth exchanges and training courses.

I’m a very bright and personable individual. I’m highly self-motivated, efficient, independent and well capable of achieving any goal. My ability to learn quickly and take on new responsibilities add tremendous value to my life. I took some courses of farming, because my business idea is based on agriculture products. I want to sell souvenirs made from our local nature and to produce them in our own organization.

I welcome leadership opportunities and meet my deadlines on time. I also played important roles in a number of financing activities and funding proposals .

I enjoy working with people and know how to deal with conflicts . I can adjust easily to fit into any work environment and have no problem working as part of a team. I can also function individually by taking the initiative and the responsibility to accomplish tasks on my own. I can perform equally well in any environment and cope effectively with the stresses of reaching a deadline. I am quick to adapt to new situations and enjoy challenges in my work.

I am eager to meet new challenges and find ways to improve myself. I am ready to learn and I would be very grateful if you would give me a chance to contribute to this project.