The goal of the OLBIOS Advisory Group is to help you ask the right questions, raise awareness and inform you on the ethical issues you are confronted with, using ethics not as a constraint machine but as a basis for a stronger, deeper, more conscious and creative approach to your field.

Work as intrinsic value, diligence as self-liberation. Moral benefits of work. Work smart versus work hard. Accountability and responsibility. Reliability, initiative, resourcefulness, conscientiousness, social skills of workers. Welfare programmes. Work as submissive to authority and convention, not valuable in itself.

Alienating forms of work ; is the concept of a work ethic obsolete? Workplace stress, and the shocking data on unhappiness at work. Work-leisure dichotomy, work-life balance. Work aversion. Ethics of Unemployment.

On Classifications / Hiring / Roles / Attendance / Schedules / Wages / Benefits / Safety and Health / Equality issues / Infractions / Willingness / Termination. Organizational ethics. Dramatic increase of organizations having ethics programmes (written standards of ethical conduct and some form of related training). What are the potential benefits?

How is it possible to foster a more satisfying and productive working environment? Building and sustaining reputation within the communities in which you operate. Maintaining the trust of everyone involved in order to ensure continued self-regulation. Legitimizing open discussion of ethics issues. Providing ethical guidance and resources for employees prior to making difficult decisions. Work as submissive to authority and convention, not valuable in itself.

Aligning the work efforts of staff with the organization’s broader mission and vision. On reporting suspected-to-be-unethical misconduct. Employees do have dilemmas, do need to take informed risks, do break the rules eventually; they do need respect and trust and overall satisfaction from their work : consequences. How to establish an interactive ethics program. Defining values, accountability and success.

How globalization defines workplace skills. Discussing Work Ethics : Attendance / Character: what are the desirable traits? / Teamwork Co-operation & Assertion / Appearance / Attitude: Realism & Challenge / Productivity / Organizational Skills / Communication / Cooperation / Respect (what if absent?). The depth and characteristics of the Protestant Work Ethic. Moral wrongness of laziness and work aversion or work phobia.

Work as punishment and submission to authority and convention. Work as alienation. Workplace stress, accidents, suicides: the alarming statistics worldwide. Prevent and avoid / analyse and know; how should you sanction negative impacts when these processes are not upheld? Work with and without a sense of purpose; significant and compulsory work.

On Work Willingness : Anti-Work / Extreme Careerism / Civil Conscription / Job Satisfaction / McJob Slavery / Bonded Labour / Human Trafficking / Labour Camps / Penal Labour / Peonage / Truck System / Unfree Labour / Wage Slavery / Refusal of Work / Aversion to Work / Workaholics. On Work Infractions : Discrimination / Employee Handbook / Evaluation / Labour Law / Sexual Harassment / Bullying at the Workplace / Incivility / Surveillance.

Work worldwide in 50 cases; the example of the Japanese work ethic. Unemployment as moral nightmare. No task is too demeaning? On Work Termination : Constructive dismissal / Layoff / Resignation / Recession-Proof Job / Retirement / Severance package. Types of unemployment; benefits and rates / Wrongful dismissal.

On Work Equality: Affirmative Action / Equal Pay for Women. On Work Safety & Health : Ergonomics / Industrial Noise / Occupational Disease And Exposure Limits / Health, Psychology, Injury / Sick Building Syndrome / Fatalities / Worker’s Compensation / Workplace / Wellness. On Work Benefits : Annual Leave / Disability / Health & Life Insurance / Sick & Parental Leave / Take-Home Vehicle.

On Work Wages : Living Wage / Minimum-Average-Maximum Wage In Europe And The World / Overtime Rate / Paid Time-Off / Performance-Related Pay / Salary / Salary Cap / Working Poor. On Work Schedules : 35-hour Workweek / 8-hour Day /Flex Time / 4-day Week / Overtime / Retroactive Overtime / Shift Work / Telecommuting / Working Time / Workweek / Attendance / Break / Career Break / Furlough / Gap Year / Leave Of Absence / Long-Service Leave / No Call, No Show / Sabbatical Sick Leave.