How to target a city’s tough issues


 Through Fulphil university students are able to target their city’s toughest social issues. Students form teams and compete in Fulphil’s annual, themed, case competition designed to create and launch for-profit social enterprises which target specific problem areas. We select each annual theme together with our partners including local social enterprises and city administrators while connecting students to the proper resources from the ideation to scaling process. And every year, we award seed capital to the winning team to help them meet their company’s needs to fulfill their city’s needs.

 I was inspired to create Fulphil because I believe that the people closest to the problems are those closest to the solutions. I also really believe in our generation and the power of one: I believe one person can have so much potential to make a difference; once you inspire, you’ve done your job because that one individual will go on to inspire others around her.


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