A time for charities to reinvent themselves

In his OLBIOS article, Jeremy Douglas, Vice President at Ocean Wise, uses the example of the Vancouver Aquarium to argue in favor of reinventing charity funding models.

How Blockchain will disrupt the Power Sector

Brianna Lee Welsh, Managing Director at Sindicatum Blockchain Technologies, discusses ownership, sharing economy and disruptive peer-to-peer networks

A world that unlocks the infinite potential of every child

Kemal Shaheen, Director at Paper Boat, presents the Joe Homan Charity and explains how learning environments expand children’s horizons

A loving home for every child

Monica Perez tells the story of SOS Children’s Villages, and how they provide a safe environment to more than one million children

From street-smart to street-educated

For some children, streets are their learning environment; Arnoud Raskin presents Mobile School and the power of its pioneering outreach strategy based on empowerment, as opposed to merely assistance.

Your vision is not your mission (and vice versa)

Ian McLintock outlines some crucial differences between two terms that are often confused but should be kept clear and distinct.

Lessons in innovation from RED

Philip Haid tells the story of how RED was born at a time when the link between commerce, consumerism and philanthropic causes was far from obvious

The Orphan Myth: The Global Movement to End Institutionalisation

In his article for OLBIOS, Martin Punaks writes on the powerful ‘orphan myth’ and the challenges of fighting institutionalization and orphan trafficking, The solution lies in moving children to family and family-like structures, argues Punaks.

Doing the math for diesel 

In his contribution to OLBIOS, Christopher Hoffman shows how some simple calculations can pave the way for change in how the UN and NGOs operate.

The relief work that hurts and the work that really helps

Alabama, USA : Catherine Parrill, CEO of the Creative Exchanges Initiative, shares her insights at OLBIOS

If you want to change the minds, change the infrastructure

Precious Ebere, OLBIOS Correspondent in Nigeria, Founder of « Do Take Action », presents the organization

Conviviality and richness - made by Syrians!

Brussels, Belgium : Obada Otabashi highlights for OLBIOS the excellent work of WE EXIST

COCA COLA: much more than a soft drink

The idea of ColaLife

Unleashing the passion of young people

The work of GivingPoint

Healing through Learning

Changing lives in Rwanda

The power of music to change lives

the Sound Foundation, an excellent initiative from UK to Uganda

The beauty and the meaning

The art workshops of Pass the Crayon

Will we ever end poverty?

meet Opportunity Collaboration, one of the most powerful coalitions working to build solutions to poverty. http://vimeo.com/19683802[/su_vimeo] Opportunity...

Supporting the birds

the work of American Bird Conservancy

The liquid star

Matt Damon and his fight with Water.org

Better than the Nobel Prize?

The Katerva Network, Solutions and Awards

Smile operator

discovering an excellent medical charity

What is the most effective way to give back?

answers from Rachael Chong and Catchafire

Artists donating their passion

a network for change

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