The first ballet school in Palestine

Meet Shyrine Ziadeh, founder of the empowerment-focused Ramallah Ballet Center

Hip-hop, art and politics

Celso Athayde's uses them in order to inspire favela dwellers

Listening experiences for the whole body

How deaf artists can create works using sub-frequencies

Artist and inventor and entrepreneur

Sophia Wang and the innovative solution of MycoWorks

Covid-19: The ruthless agent who brought audiences center-stage.

Berlin: What are the ingredients for a great performance? In his article for OLBIOS, award-winning composer and author, Konstantinos Athanasakos outlines some time-honoured ingredients alongside some less obvious but equally important ones.

We are faced with a climate emergency. Can art help?

The artist Kito Mbiango contributed to OLBIOS this interview by Jill Van den Brule, In it, Mbiango points to the crucial role of art in communicating risks, but also motivating people to act.

Who will help the young artists reach their full potential?

The work of the AICF and the pride of Israel since 1939

The power of music to change lives

the Sound Foundation, an excellent initiative from UK to Uganda

The beauty and the meaning

The art workshops of Pass the Crayon

A Poets’ Agora

Aesthetic voices to elope from austerity

Heartbeat is music

United Heartbeat's role for fled musicians

Just look at me

The Marina Abramovic Institute

(Re)discovering a masterpiece (1)

Woman in the Dunes, Teshigahara

Who is that Girl Rising?

what started with a film, became a global movement

Perception, science and art

the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco

What is Art for Social Change?

the projects of Judith Marcuse

Rebel Architecture

meet Santiago Cirugeda and other Guerrilla architects

Invisible theatre

performance where you less expect it

What is an art activist?

the development of Artivism

Can art affect political change?

an excellent panel from the New School

Is the Art market even less ethical than the stock market?

the debate organized by Intelligence Squared U.S.

Artists donating their passion

a network for change

Music is about politics

C.Brown's 'From Beethoven to Hip-Hop', and more

Show this film to every student!

watch the work of 46 Uncommon Heroes

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