An ounce of humanity goes a long way

New Delhi: The pandemic has seen extraordinary levels of mutual help, according to Alokesh Sharma, Founder of Kayantar Foundation, interviewed for OLBIOS.

Giving vulnerable people tools for empowerment

Mahmoud Riyad, Social Innovation Specialist at Jordan River Foundation, spoke to OLBIOS from Jordan on the importance of providing tools that allow people to serve their communities and beyond.

A time for charities to reinvent themselves

In his OLBIOS article, Jeremy Douglas, Vice President at Ocean Wise, uses the example of the Vancouver Aquarium to argue in favor of reinventing charity funding models.

Saving the lives of the prematurely born

Doris Mollel, Founder of the Dolis Mollel Foundation, writes at OLBIOS about how to take care of thousands of babies

The many paths of social impact

Brazil: Victor Rabelo presents the outstanding work of the BUNGE FOUNDATION and its commitment to social development

A world that unlocks the infinite potential of every child

Kemal Shaheen, Director at Paper Boat, presents the Joe Homan Charity and explains how learning environments expand children’s horizons

Who will help the young artists reach their full potential?

The work of the AICF and the pride of Israel since 1939

The power of Pennsylvania

The only university-based center that focuses on philanthropy and impact

The world in 50 years

Dare to Imagine, Skoll Foundation's brilliant film

Starting with the girls

transformation and the NoVo Foundation

Who will support the young night workers and teenage parents?

the work of the Young Foundation

Who will support the artists?

the rise of the Arts philanthropy

The artist as fundraiser

the example of Damien Hirst and the Red Auction

Relief from Britain

meet the QAAF Aid Worldwide

Our favorite restaurant

the KOTO restaurant in Hanoi

The pro bono access to talent

the excellent work of the Taproot Foundation

The best of the Ubuntu spirit

portrait of Patrice Motsepe, the efficient South African

And the lord created Gatsby

discover an exemplary foundation

What matters the most for a tennis player

caring for the children in Serbia

Muslim Philanthropists united

a World Congress worth following

Marc and the amazing people

meet the Shuttleworth Foundation

Egyptian generosity

an excellent Foundation for social development

Everyone's favorite primatologist

Jane Goodall, her Institute and a video with an amazing gesture

Andy Roddick, opportunity giver

the Foundation of the tennis player

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