Creating a ‘national story’ of solutions

David Laurent, Head of Climate & Resources department at EpE, tells OLBIOS from France about business issues that weren’t even on the table a year ago.

The bees and Leigh-Kathryn

How to dave the dwindling honeybee population while providing corporations with a novel approach to sustainability

Mexican management

Alex Eaton and the model of Sistema Biobolsa, or how to empower farmers to take an active role to escape the cycle of rural poverty.

Giving the missing light

One in four Filipinos (20 million people) lacks access to electricity. Jim Ayala did something about it that works.

Nine million meals

Watch the wonderful documentary directed by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine, and the story of three exceptional children preparing for a music competition.

Climate action : make it visible. Accelerate.

Our main goal at the « Step Up Climate Action » is to connect different actors of the environmental...

A Time to Look Closer at Nature

Athens: OLBIOS asked wildlife expert Philip Dragoumis of his thoughts on how the pandemic is affecting nature The message is clear: humans need to do less, he claims.

It’s time for Climate Change to enter the classroom

We are very close to irreversible climate change and catastrophic warming; Schools, teachers and syllabuses need to adapt to this and make climate change a subject in its own right, argues Peder Hill.

A climate success story needs to inspire

In his article to OLBIOS, Ben Bartle writes about the important environmental insight that emerged from a...

The languages of climate crisis

In an article for OLBIOS, Manuel Maqueda writes from San Francisco on the intersection between climate migration, linguistic diversity and panlingual technology.

Doing the math for diesel 

In his contribution to OLBIOS, Christopher Hoffman shows how some simple calculations can pave the way for change in how the UN and NGOs operate.

The top environmental problems few people know

Apathy and selfishness are among the top environmental problems In his article for OLBIOS, Adrian Wagner explains the importance of Global Social Witnessing. 

The solutions are already there

Hong kong: Joachim Jake Layes, writes on the urgency of climate change and presents some excellent initiatives to reverse the trends

The urgent need for disaster-resilient homes and schools

USA: Erik Dyson, present the excellent response of All Hands and Hearts

A city network propelling a locally driven energy transition

France/Belgium: David Donnerer presents the work of Energy Cities

An outstanding initiative for making climate risks tangible

Nicolas Schuerhoff presents The right open project

The amazing facts of the energy poverty and a proposal to overcome it

From Paris, Marilyn Smith is presenting EnAct

Fighting the big fights

Caring for 100,000 animals each year

Best solution: Trees

The impact of forest and landscape restoration according to WeForest

Supporting the birds

the work of American Bird Conservancy

A coalition on violence against animals

animal cruelty as related to other forms of violence (videos with disturbing content, viewer discretion is advised))

The amazing 144 secrets of Nature

Pioneering natural history documentary at its best

Paradise or oblivion?

(re) watch the famous film featuring Jacque Fresco

That moment of epiphany

how Martin von Hildebrand created the Gaia Amazonas

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