Meet the Global Voices of a Child

Rayan Ezzedine, OLBIOS correspondent in Lebanon, tells us about Global Voices of a Child.

Young people against disaster

Watch the wonderful documentary directed by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine, and the story of three exceptional children preparing for a music competition.

Defining Oneself and Changing the Narrative

Australia: In his article for OLBIOS, Mohammed Semra, UN Humanitarian Affairs Peace Ambassador, writes on the challenge of defining oneself as opposed to being defined by others, the importance of role models and opportunity.

From street-smart to street-educated

For some children, streets are their learning environment; Arnoud Raskin presents Mobile School and the power of its pioneering outreach strategy based on empowerment, as opposed to merely assistance.

Giving young people a voice

Adam Musinde Athumani, OLBIOS Correspondent in Kenya, presents an impressive report on the country’s youth.

The gesture in the bus that went viral

Uros Delic, OLBIOS Correspondent in Serbia, and the Divac Foundation interviewed the young man from the bus

How to target a city’s tough issues

Philadelphia, USA and the power of one: Tiffany Yau presents the work of Fulphil at OLBIOS

The youth as active citizens

Ornella Nana, OLBIOS Correspondent in Ireland, highlights the work of INT.Y.E

Educating the orphans

Tijuana, Mexico OLBIOS Correspondent Nicholas Sandoval presents the work of Create Purpose

Unleashing the passion of young people

The work of GivingPoint

When a competition grows into a nationwide movement

The XQ Super School Movement

The mobile Zimbabwe

Citizen journalism for the ambitious and the young

The children of Zambia and Robert Redford

Discover the Children’s Town project

StartUp4kids Foundation

Developing Kids talents

A volunteer for the children of the streets

The work of Museum of Solidarity

Don't let the past become their future

Eva Marzewski and the Peacebuilders International

Providing mentors for youth

the offers of Young Life

A prince’s fight for the youth

the work of the Prince’s Trust

Perception, science and art

the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco

Stop messing with my brother

the adventure of Bullyvention

The potential of young Greeks

meet the Next Generation Initiative

Who will support the young night workers and teenage parents?

the work of the Young Foundation

The best Arab network

the expansion of Nackweh

A very special orchestra

transforming garbage into Mozart

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