Shakespeare meets the Arab world

SABAB Theatre is an independent, international touring theatre company, led by celebrated Kuwaiti writer/director Sulayman Al Bassam. Working internationally across national and cultural boundaries, SABAB uses theatre to engage with issues of identity, history, language and culture. The aim of SABAB’s work is to establish new spaces of action and reflection inside the contemporary Arab world and beyond it.

It uses as raw material the points of articulation (literary, historical, geo-political and imagined) that link the Arab World to a wider global context, and seeks to initiate new ones through a theatrical process. Working with an ensemble of pan Arab and international actors, musicians and designers, SABAB’s productions are characterized by a radical approach to text, bold production styles and playful, provocative combinations of content and form.

The company has achieved worldwide acclaim and recognition for its productions, performing to audiences across four continents.



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