Sharing in the Czech Republic[/su_youtube autoplay=yes]

 Recently, Brno got its first public fridge and public cupboard, the so-called ‘Share Point pro Brno’. Located at Římské náměstí, it is a self-service point where citizens can leave food and clothes for those in need.

 There have been two separate initiatives behind this idea – the informal Public Fridge group and People in Safety s.r.o. The groups manage the operation of the public fridge and cupboard. Brno-City Hall (radnice Brno-střed) joined the project and supported Share Point with a subsidy of CZK 39,000 and provided the location.

 I believe that this kind of initiatives should be promoted worldwide and implemented in every city all over the world. There are people in need everywhere – and this kind of projects might enable discrete help and without any negative outcomes, besides reducing the food and clothes waste. 

 Lahcen Mehennaoui
OLBIOS Correspondent, Czech Republic