The Swiss renewal

South Pole Carbon is aiming to create solutions in the fields of climate change and renewable energies. By providing access to climate finance, South Pole Carbon has enabled over 250 projects worldwide ranging from renewable energy to waste treatment and forestry, thereby reducing millions of tons of CO2 and creating thousands of jobs worldwide.  It enables corporates to create shared value by investing into climate-friendly projects within a corporate’s own supply chain. With “Gold Power”, South Pole Carbon has launched the first global renewable energy label.

The South Pole team works around the clock and around the globe to improve the state of the climate with market-based solutions. It enables the implementation and operation of high-quality emission-reduction projects that address climate change and sustainable development. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, South Pole Carbon has twelve offices worldwide and operations in 25 countries. It has been honored Best Project Developer by Environmental Finance three years in a row.

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