The amazing facts of the energy poverty and a proposal to overcome it

 To empower people, EnAct believes we must first engage them in the energy poverty story, then inform them of some basic facts and realities, and explain why such situations exist and who is doing what to change them. With knowledge, people become empowered. Participative production EnAct partners with diverse experts to explore ongoing challenges and emerging solutions, and to ensure our reporting is accurate. The online platform lets both experts and the audience engage in shaping the editorial calendar. Energy news in context Energy issues are hugely complex and promising solutions face many challenges. A multimedia platform allows EnAct to provide context for every web documentary, through feature articles, editorials, fact sheets, infographics, etc. Energy, every day EnAct’s social media campaign prompts people think about energy, every day. With 10,000+ followers from 50+ countries, our reach is growing daily.

 Additional social issues linked to energy access will be of personal and public importance for years to come. Recognizing that challenges are specific to certain energy uses, geographical contexts or geopolitical situations, EnAct will expand its reporting to investigate topics such as: • electrification of poor communities in urban and rural areas, beyond lighting to sufficient supply for productive activity. • cleaner cooking solutions, to combat health and environmental impacts associated with reliance on biomass. • energy access for refugee communities, in both camps and as displaced persons settle into new countries. • empowering women, investigating the ways women are most deeply affected by energy poverty and highlighting positive action. To boost energy literacy, EnAct proposes to launch a parallel package on ‘What is energy?’, using participative tools to answer audience questions.