The Berggruen Institute for Governance

The Berggruen Institute is dedicated to the design and implementation of new ideas of good governance, drawing from practices in both East and West, that can be brought to bear on the common challenges of globalization in the 21st century. They are an independent, non-partisan “think and action tank” that engages cutting edge entrepreneurs, global thinkers and political leaders from around the world as key participants in our projects.

They believe that the great transition of our time is from American-led globalization 1.0 to the interdependence of plural identities that characterizes globalization 2.0 as the dominance of the West recedes with the rise of the rest. A political and cultural awakening, amplified by social media, is part and parcel of this shift, and good governance must thus respond, according to them, by devolving power and involving citizens more meaningfully in governing their communities. At the same time, they argue that accountable institutions must be created that can competently manage the global links of interdependence.

It’s current projects include : 21st Century Council, the Council for the Future of Europe, the Think Long Committee for California and theVision for Africa.