The Yemeni youth revolt



The Yemeni Revolution followed the initial stages of the Tunisian Revolution and occurred simultaneously with the Egyptian Revolution and other mass protests in the Middle East. In its early phase, protests in Yemen were initially against unemployment, economic conditions and corruption, as well as against the government’s proposals to modify Yemen’s constitution. The protestors’ demands then escalated to calls for Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to resign. Mass defections from the military, as well as from Saleh’s government, effectively rendered much of the country outside of the government’s control, and protesters vowed to defy its authority. Major demonstrations took place one after the other, in several cities. Two months later, protesters in Sana’a were fired upon resulting in 52 deaths and ultimately culminating in mass defections and resignations. President Saleh and several others were injured and at least five people were killed by a bombing of the presidential compound when an explosion ripped through a mosque used by high-level government officials for prayer services. Reports conflicted as to whether the attack was caused by shelling or a planted bomb.The next day, Vice President Abd al-Rab Mansur al-Hadi took over as acting president while Saleh flew to Saudi Arabia to be treated. The crowds celebrated Saleh’s transfer of power, but Yemeni officials insisted that Saleh’s absence was temporary and he would soon return to Yemen to resume his duties of office. Days later the government rejected the opposition’s demands, including the formation of a transitional council with the goal of formally transferring power from the current administration to a caretaker government intended to oversee Yemen’s first-ever democratic elections. In response, factions of the opposition announced the formation of their own 17-member transitional council, though the Joint Meeting Parties that have functioned as an umbrella for many of the Yemeni opposition groups during the uprising said the council did not represent them and did not match their “plan” for the country. A presidential election was held in Yemen. With a report claims that it has 65 percent of its turnout, Hadi won 99.8% of the vote…. Watch the videos on Yemeni youth “in transition” and learn about the political complexity of this country.


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