Who are the real problem solvers?

Today, “social entrepreneurship” describes a host of new initiatives, and often refers to approaches that are breaking from traditional philanthropic and charitable organizational behavior. The goals of these new efforts are consistent with their predecessors: making the world a better place. What has changed is some of the ways in which social entrepreneurial work is getting done. Nowhere is this more true than in the United States-where, from 1995 – 2005, the number of non-profit organizations registered with the IRS grew by 53%. But, what types of change have these social entrepreneurial efforts brought to the world of civil society and philanthropy? What works in today’s environment? And, what barriers are being broken through these changes to providing social good?
The Real Problem Solvers brings together leading entrepreneurs, funders, investors, thinkers, and champions in the field to answer these questions from their own, first-person perspectives. Based on a series of talks at The Commonwealth Club of California, these accounts give readers insights into the work of key individuals, but also demonstrate trends at the forefront of social change. The core chapters in the book closely mirror the authors’ original talks, and are anchored by an introduction, a conclusion, and question-and-answers sections that weave together the voices of various contributors. Contributors’ views and experiences offer a wide-ranging picture of social entrepreneurship, and in no other book are so many leaders presented side-by-side.