Who has a right to communicate?


Have you ever heard of the “right to communication”? Imagine a fast-growing country investing in technology. What should its technological dissemination strategy be? Should it concentrate on a few hyper-advanced cities or provide basic technology for everyone? Sub-Saharan Africa went for the second option. Yet, despite the spread of smartphones and internet connections, there is no right to communication, which means that it is not possible to exploit technology to communicate. This is because most of the video communication software in industrialized countries are ‘heavy’ and requires fast internet connections. When this started creating problems for my team, we decided to change things.

So, Beentouch was invented, a multiplatform software that allows stable and secure high quality calls and videocalls. The software has high performances thanks to the adoption of new generation codecs and components. It is modular depending on the connection conditions in order to have less impact on bandwidth and designed especially for the operating systems users are already familiar with. The user interface is simple and intuitive for both mobile and web versions. We intend to mass market an easy to use app and introduce a complete suite for business communications to companies and organizations, with security features through our implemented cipher. 

Beentouch is more than software, more than a project. It is the fundamental right of everyone to be able to communicate through technology.


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