Educating the orphans

In Mexico, over 400,000 children live without parental care and are exposed to violence, human trafficking and exploitation. Education is the only tool that can empower communities and create healthy environments where children and communities thrive. But because of the high focus on drug addiction and migration at the border, orphans and vulnerable children are marginalized regarding basic needs and development programs. 

 That’s where Create Purpose comes in. Create Purpose is a team of professionals and volunteers located in Tijuana, Mexico. They lead other experts and volunteers bi-nationally to realize Create Purpose programs. Partnering with both local and bi-national research institutions, Create Purpose is focused on reporting high quality data for donors and the community.

 It was founded in 2014 by Nicholas Sandoval with the aim of creating a pilot program to offer Orphans and Vulnerable Children living in Centers a valuable educational program. Create Purpose became a leading nonprofit organization providing an environment where innovative programs, mentors, and community leaders come together to help OVC thrive. CP’s mission is to apply the methodology of STEAM using project-based learning principles within Tijuana orphanages to teach children life skills that will help them overcome poverty and pursue their purpose. This is accomplished through both a Technology Program and Garden Based Learning Program.


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