A kid’s guide to giving

A Kids Guide to Giving, by Freddi Zeiler is all about how everyone can get involved and make a difference. It’s a resource book that teaches and informs kids about how to give and provides them with the information they need to get started in giving – whether it be through monetary contributions, volunteering, donating good or organizing charity events. Easy to read and fun to follow, the book first introduces the ‘why.’ Why should I give? Then, it explores the many different ways you can contribute and how to determine what matters most to you. Designed to inspire kids, the book also provides a reference section filled with information about many nonprofit organizations that might be of interest to children, divided into the categories of people, animals and environment.

A Kids Guide to Giving is not only a great resource, it also offers easy to follow details that will empower kids to actively make a difference – everything from job ideas and personal budget management (saving, sharing, spending) to fundraising tips and guidance in determining what matters most to you personally. The author, Freddi Zeiler, is a kid too and offers her own story of where she comes from, why she was motivated to help others and why it’s important to her. And the ‘by kids for kids’ perspective is a powerful voice for children.

During her seventh grade year, Freddi Zeiler (now 20 years old) realized that she had a privileged life seeing that other kids and their families around the world were struggling just to buy food to survive.  After donating the money from her piggy bank to a worthy cause, she researched over 100 charitable organizations until she found the ones that meant the most to her. She presents her findings in A Kids Guide to Giving.

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