Aspiring radical green activist?

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest and most powerful environmental activist organizations, with a war chest of over $79 million. Examples of the Sierra Club’s radical (and controversial) positions include: Crusading to eliminate the sources of 95 percent of our current energy usage. Colluding with the Environmental Protection Agency in “Sue and Settle” lawsuits to generate more stringent environmental regulations with little input from other stakeholders. Recognizing a “scientific consensus” regarding man-made climate change, but refusing to acknowledge a similar “scientific consensus” on the safety of genetically modified organisms. Using the Endangered Species Act to thwart industry and obstruct technological progress.

The Sierra Club was originally founded in the 19th Century to preserve America’s parkland as a recreational resource for all. But in recent decades, the organization has used its pockets to push its extreme environmentalist policies. The organization’s collusion with the Environmental Protection Agency to advance its radical agenda will likely lead to much higher energy prices and higher prices of many consumer goods. With this growing influence, the Sierra Club and its fellow environmental activists could successfully push through regulations that cost our economy additional billions in compliance costs—costs that will trickle down to every American.

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