How you can create thousands of smiles in Syria with a simple test[/su_youtube autoplay=yes]

 According to the WHO, 2 to 3 glasses of milk per day are necessary for a child’s proper development. But currently, there are many who live day-to-day in one of the most dangerous and conflict-ridden areas of the world: Syria. The situation there prevents them from getting staple foods, such as milk, which a child cannot live without.

 1drop2lives is a solidarity project through which, with a simple test to discover your degree of lactose intolerance, you can help two lives: yours, through knowing whether you’re intolerant, and that of a Syrian child. For every test taken, we donate 40 glasses of milk, specifically without lactose since more than 60% of the Syrian population is intolerant, so that a child can have milk for two weeks. By buying one of our genetic testing kits, you make a direct impact on the wellbeing of these children. And if helping others while helping yourself could really be that easy … why not do it?

 D. Jordi Martí Gascón
 Social entrepreneur, ASHOKA fellow 2011


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D. Jordi Martí Gascón

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