Educating 400 million African youths

African youths present an interesting paradox to the continent’s future: the mobile revolution has created massive potential to inform, connect, and educate youth; yet many of these 400 million youths are disempowered, jobless, and considered a threat or burden to their countries. Afroes is utilizing interactive mobile learning strategies to teach youths about entrepreneurship and leadership, and to empower them as citizens to address their countries’ challenges. Its mission is to inspire new choices and conversations amongst the African youth, to seek innovative development solutions and to change future prospects for ethical governance. Its interactive digital solutions are rooted in locally relevant content designed to celebrate Africa while solving social challenges.

Anne Githuku-Shongwe, Afroes founder, develops powerful social messaging campaign packages using mobile gaming as the primary new media tool; which is complemented by SMS technology, as both tools are highly popular among the youth. It partners with other organizations and builds a tailored campaign that focuses on positive rather than negative messaging, using locally relevant content – music, graphics, and popular characters – and makes learning cool and fun. It has designed and implemented several social change games including: MORABA, an award winning mobile-game that addresses difficult questions on Gender-based Violence; ChampChase, which addresses issues of child abuse and child protection; and HAKI, a game series built for Kenya by Kenyans to address civil rights issues facing the society. The Afroes’s value proposition is uniquely designed for the African mobile market not only to create compelling and relevant interactive content but also to place potential into the hands and pockets of the target user.

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