Can dance be a tool for social transformation?


At FICHO Institute we help people to discover their full creative potential through holistic methods, either for personal and social life or to enhance teaching and leading skills in professional applications.  Our mission is to make a positive impact on society by providing teachers and leaders with the embodied knowledge and tools for personal, professional and social transformation. The magic ingredient in our work is FICHO method based on holistic approach and playful process.

Ficho method is indeed a holistic, playful and transformative education framework, an accumulation of knowledge and experience gathered from over the 20 years through leading workshops, artistic projects, events, coaching, mentoring, retreats,  journeys … in 23 different countries in the field of Dance and Contact improvisation, Theatre, Meditation, Yoga, Martial arts, Therapy, Personal growth, Team building and Leadership.

Ficho method engages participants to discover their authentic self, advance personal growth, increase kinaesthetic and emotional intelligence and self awareness.

Ficho method provides over 100 easy to apply tools, exercises and games from dance and contact Improvisation practice that can be used in retreats, team building, art therapy, leadership workshops, etc., tools based on principles that are transferable to daily situations: relations, work, home, reverse–engineering approach for organic lesson planning, a circular approach to building up of a tribe up vs. traditional pyramidal structure and an inclusive environment for any body type and age, regardless of dance background or experience.


In last 13 years we had an opportunity to pass the knowledge and understanding of dance as educational and personal development playground for to more than 3000 participants and groups (dancers, actors, choreographers, heart entrepreneurs, students, professors, people with disabilities, movement lovers, managers, CEO’s … leaders ) in 23 different countries around the world and we can say with confidence that every-body can dance without exception. But not just that ever-body can dance, but also using embodied knowledge and tools from dance and contact improvisation for personal and social transformation.

We consider that Dance is a natural order of the universe. Through Dance you can expand your consciousness and open a space where Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit can enter on same level. When you open enough through movement, the energy is activated. Energy is movement and Movement is energy. Dance is the movement of the energy through the body, expressing certain emotions, thoughts, states – and when they open, the energy starts to move strongly and quickly through it.

Your biochemistry starts strongly to be altered…the brain waves are altering…and the level of physical and mental consciousness increases greatly. You enter into the treasury of the common consciousness and draw directly from it essence. And when caught by your true nature you have access to potentials, that many people don’t in their conditional life. And when you do that – you only have to breath, moving from point A to point B, with acceptance, understanding, and sincerity.


Website: https://www.fichoinstitute.com/

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