COCA COLA: much more than a soft drink[/su_youtube autoplay=yes]

UK based charity ColaLife, founded by Simon Berry, utilizes the network and reach of one of the world’s biggest brands to provide health resources to people living in rural and remote locations. The charity’s main concept is that wherever you go in the world you will see the Coca-Cola logo. The founders of ColaLife asked if a soft drinks manufacturer can create a network that can reach into the most remote places on earth, why can’t healthcare be delivered in the same way?

Their entire rationale is the following. You can buy a Coca-Cola almost anywhere you go in the world, even in the most remote parts of developing countries. Yet, in these same places 1 in 9 children die before their fifth birthday from preventable causes, such as dehydration from diarrhoea. Further, that child mortality figures have not changed significantly for at least 3 decades indicates

that current initiatives are not working. This led the ColaLife team to develop the AidPod, a wedge shaped pod that that fits in the space between the necks and bottles in a Coca-Cola crate. Although still in the pilot stage, if ColaLife can successfully emulate the distribution networks of Coca-Cola, then real change will soon follow.


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