Giving vulnerable people tools for empowerment

Mahmoud Riyad, Social Innovation Specialist at Jordan River Foundation, spoke to OLBIOS from Jordan on the importance of providing tools that allow people to serve their communities and beyond.

Creating Businesses out of Problems

Julien Verzier, Co-Director at BroadLeaf Group, spoke to OLBIOS from Cape Town, SA, on how the economy can benefit only if its direct environment benefits also.

Can a bank be based on Christian values? 

Tommy PIemonte presents at OLBIOS the exceptional work of BKC

Taking care of the disabled in Iran

From Teheran, Samaneh Shabani, OLBIOS Correspondent in Iran, presents the Tavana association

An ounce of humanity goes a long way

New Delhi: The pandemic has seen extraordinary levels of mutual help, according to Alokesh Sharma, Founder of Kayantar Foundation, interviewed for OLBIOS.

From street-smart to street-educated

The learning environment for some kids is the street. Arnoud Raskin presents Mobile School and its pioneering outreach strategy based on empowerment, as opposed to merely assistance.

The future looks good for the Philippines

Oliver Gardiner writes about Regeneration International and the efforts of the country to forge a national consensus around regenerative agriculture.

Educating the orphans

OLBIOS Correspondent Nicholas Sandoval in Tijuana, Mexico, presents the work of Create Purpose.

If you want to change the minds, change the infrastructure

Precious Ebere, OLBIOS Correspondent in Nigeria, Founder of « Do Take Action », presents the organization

Bridging the gap with classical music

A very special choir presented by Sara Soltani, OLBIOS Correspondent in Austria.

Tracking real needs, in real time

Canadian Natasha Freidus, Founder of NeedsList, tells OLBIOS that donations often come without a clear beneficiary and how the factor determining longevity is your postal code

The empowerment of data

Steve Hollingworth, President and CEO at Grameen Foundation, talks to OLBIOS from the US on how the ‘fifth revolution’ may be harnessed in the fight against poverty and become an agent of empowerment

‘Let our voice ring in your ears’

Kemal Shaheen, Director at Paper Boat and Trustee at Village Aid, talks to OLBIOS from the UK about the importance of listening to what children have to say.

Is it possible to prevent extreme suffering?

Answers and insights from Jonathan Leighton, CEO at OPIS, in an interview with OLBIOS

What are the rights of the marginalized?

What happened after John Richardson heard the stories of the residents in the impoverished neighborhood of the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver

What matters the most for a tennis player

Find out how The Novak Djokovic Foundation is working towards the improvement of conditions in which children in Serbia get education, grow up and play

Conscious Commerce

How Barbara Burchfield and Olivia Wilde are promoting the causes, brands, people and lifestyles that are forging a new paragon of living.

What is the most effective way to give back?

Meet Catchafire, a community of individuals striving to push the social good sector forward by focusing on efficient ways to give back.

Supporting the birds

How the American Bird Conservancy conserve native birds and protect their habitats throughout the Americas.

A financial ecosystem for the unbanked

How Sheena Allen is protecting victims of predatory lending through CApWay

Giving the missing light

One in four Filipinos (20 million people) lacks access to electricity. Jim Ayala did something about it that works.

Young people against disaster

Watch the wonderful documentary directed by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine, and the story of three exceptional children preparing for a music competition.

Nine million meals

Watch the wonderful documentary directed by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine, and the story of three exceptional children preparing for a music competition.

Why are these children in hospital again?

Physician Vera Cordeiro was shocked by the number re-admissions of children from urban slums. She then came up with a treatment plan that addresses the full range of economic and social causes of illness.