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ClassDojo is a classroom tool that helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators. A free service, it aims at better learning behaviors, smoother lessons and hassle-free data – ClassDojo wants to improve behavior in class with just one click of a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Their method provides instant notifications for the students (‘Well done Josh! +1 for teamwork!’). Everything is fully customizable for the teacher’s classroom. It also offers behavior-tracking analytics and reports that can be shared with parents and administrators, all with just one click.

In some classrooms indeed, more than 50% of class time is spent managing behavior rather than delivering instruction; ClassDojo aims to greatly reduce this so teachers can do more teaching and less crowd control. In addition, teachers have a painless way to focus on developing positive behavior over time, rather than just logging referrals once it is too late to intervene. There are also benefits for the students: research suggests the shorter the time period between an action and feedback for that action, the greater is the effect of the reinforcement. Specific positive reinforcement helps students develop a sense of purpose in the classroom, enhancing intrinsic motivation over time. By giving students visibility and data on their own behavior, ClassDojo makes class less disruptive and creates a more positive learning environment. And the project makes it easy to also engage the parents in their child’s development, by allowing teachers to provide them with real-time data from the classroom.



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