Computer science aimed at making a positive social impact

This is the story of four undergraduates from Stanord Univesity have co-founded CS+Social Good, an organization that utilizes technology to make a positive social impact. Lawrence Lin Murata once heard Keith Schwarz, lecturer in computer science, say something that would change the course of his path at Stanford: No campus organizations existed that used computer science to make a positive social impact. It struck a chord.

That night, Murata, then a sophomore, shared his idea with his roommate, Manu Chopra, and a spark grew into a flame. After a year of planning and strategizing, CS+Social Good was launched, founded by Murata, Chopra, Edward Wang and Vicki Niu, with Schwarz on board as their faculty sponsor. CS+Social Good focuses on the intersection of computer science and efforts to make positive social impacts. CS+Social Good‘s team has since grown from four to 20 members, and they are tackling everything from biweekly speaker discussions to an actual campus class that pairs student groups with nonprofit partners.

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