New models of reporting

From personal experience, Michael Gleich understands that today, journalists perceive the media not as a democratic force, but as a source of sensationalized stories.

This inspired Gleich to introduce new models of researching and reporting into mainstream media. Working with journalists, journalism schools, and media decision makers in Germany and abroad, Gleich is trying to change the common perception that only negative news and violence sells. He wants to shift from sensationalist to “constructive” journalism with a focus on solutions.

By building networks between journalists, universities, and local organizations, he collects stories about social transformation from around the globe, especially from war-torn regions, that illustrate how individuals and citizen organizations (COs) initiate change. Skillfully incentivizing radio, TV stations, and newspapers, he distributes this news through mainstream media outlets. To increase leverage, Michael works on several levels. He is expanding his organization, Peace Counts, to shape and change curricula in journalism schools. He also organizes exhibitions, round tables, and seminars to make his stories palpable. Finally, he feeds his materials and teaching modules to national schools, presents young people with positive role models, showcases the power of citizens as social change agents, and trains them to scrutinize the media.

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