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Cambia’s mission is to democratize innovation, creating a more equitable and inclusive way to solve problems using science and technology. Science coupled with human creativity and generosity is potentially the greatest tool for social enterprise. The use of processes to improve our crops, livestock, environment and health is increasingly problematic, legally cumbersome and risky. Innovation based on new life sciences is becoming grossly inefficient, driving up costs, raising uncertainty and excluding small enterprise.

CambiaLabs was the first public-good, biotechnological enterprise to successfully focus on creating new technologies for open and collaborative research-based innovation. It developed the Patent Lens as a platform to forge and share these activities, which for a decade has been the leading independent, non-profit, global, open-access patent searching facility. Through its Biological Open Source (BiOS) initiative, Cambia catalyzes innovators worldwide to better address local or global challenges by sharing science..


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