Excellent health – and low-cost too

Mark Arnoldy runs Nyaya Health, (now known as Possible Health) a group that brings health care to impoverished areas in rural Nepal. The organization developed a low-cost, community-based healthcare system and works directly with the Nepali government to implement it. Arnoldy hopes to replicate the model throughout the country. The organization is also one of the largest employers in the region: 98% of local staff are Nepali.

The goal of Nyaya – Possible Health is to provide high-quality health care to some of the poorest patients in the region and also to redefine the standard by which healthcare NGOs operate in order to build strong, open and efficient public sector health services that are responsive to the demands of local communities. Hence, Nyaya (meaning ‘justice’ in Nepali), delivers hospital- and community-based care via a public-private partnership with the Government of Nepal and in parallel, utilizes the only open-access operations model in Nepal in order to increase efficiency, collaboration, transparency and accountability while building an accessible platform for replicability to be used by other organizations across the world.

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Jason Andrews