Greeks for Greece



The Hellenic Initiative was founded in 2012 by members of the global Greek and philhellene communities who were compelled to respond to the worsening economic crisis and inspired to help shape Greece’s long-term recovery. Their Board is united around three core beliefs: a) they are committed to Greece, faults and all. And they are dedicating their time, resources and networks to secure a different future b) their action is about investment, not handouts. They are focused on impact and outcomes, whether it’s a grant to a nonprofit organization, mentorship for an emerging entrepreneur, or investment in a small business and c) they claim that they do not and cannot have all the answers. But they know that across our global community we have what it takes to create a 21st century powerhouse, both within Greece and across the diaspora. The truth remains that Greece’s economic depression has pushed thousands of families to the brink. Already as of the fall of 2013, one in five households and nearly 600.000 children were living below the poverty line. Nearly half of all Greeks lack health insurance. These staggering numbers cannot communicate the impact on individuals and families. In the face of unrelenting austerity and government budget cuts, it is nonprofits on the ground that are repeatedly called on to do more with less. THI, together with its relief partners, is answering the call by providing a critical safety net to families hardest hit by the crisis. These partner organizations are carefully selected based on proven track record, efficiency and transparency. According to them, entrepreneurs are critical to economic recovery and renewal — they are creating opportunity today and providing role models to change the hopes and aspirations of a new generation.  By reigniting the Greek entrepreneurial spirit they hope unleashing a wave of innovation and creation, slowing the “brain drain” of young professionals by giving them a reason to stay in Greece and transform ideas into successful businesses. Greece can indeed grow its way out of this crisis, but growth requires vision, capability and capital. Amidst the troubling headlines and statistics, there are viable businesses that can grow with our collective investment, creating jobs and delivering solid returns for investors. And there are visionary leaders eager to build companies and indeed an economy on stronger, more sustainable foundations. THI is investing in the future by supporting two initiatives that promote near-term job growth while laying the foundations for long-term strategic development: They are One


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