Health and wealth

Living Goods empowers networks of ‘Avon-like’ micro-entrepreneurs who go door-to-door teaching families how to improve their health and wealth while selling life-changing products like simple treatments for malaria and diarrhea, fortified foods, safe delivery kits for pregnant mothers, clean burning cook stoves, and solar lights. By combining the best practices of microfinance, franchising, direct selling and public health, Living Goods is creating a fully sustainable distribution platform to improve the health, wealth, and productivity of the world’s poor. 

Their Health Promoters are familiar and trusted advisors to their neighbors. Customers know they can call their Living Goods agent any time their child is sick and the agent will come to their door to provide an accurate diagnosis and high-quality medicine, allowing parents to rest assured their children will survive and thrive. Health Promoters who serve their customers earn loyalty, make more money, and drive significant health outcomes. In this way, Living Goods Health Promoters can make a difference and make a living.

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