The best entrepreneurs may be living on the streets

Jeroo Billimoria believes that international development starts with fostering children’s social and financial awareness. Working to protect and empower children on the streets of India, she observed that many of them displayed characteristics of good entrepreneurs, however they were lacking the skills and education necessary to break free from the cycle of poverty. Resolving to end this status quo, Billimoria founded Aflatoun in 2005 to empower children to serve as agents of change in their own communities. Aflatoun has received plaudits for its innovative social and financial education curriculum, as well as its cost-effective delivery model, which already leverages a network of partners in 100 countries. The activity-based curriculum has been adapted and delivered by ministries of education, international organizations, micro-finance groups, schools and other NGOs.

Aflatoun students learn through participation in story telling, song, dance, games, savings clubs, and financial and community improvement enterprises. Overall, it is estimated that Aflatoun has already reached more than one million children worldwide.

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