How do you obtain security?

Initially launched in 1989 as a politically independent think-tank focused on nuclear proliferation amidst the break-up of the former Soviet Union, Saferworld has evolved into an organization dedicated to preventing and reducing violent conflict, while promoting cooperative approaches to security. Based in London, but with staff stationed across Asia, Africa and Europe, Saferworld is especially committed to a people-focused approach to tackling insecurity. This comprehensive perspective on conflict prevention is reflected across four key thematic priorities: security and justice development, small arms and light weapons, conflict-sensitive development, and transfer of conventional weapons to regions affected by conflict.

Patient work addressing underlying tensions and developmental needs at the local level has been shown to pay off. In northern Kenya for instance, a ten-year Saferworld presence alongside communities, local authorities and law enforcement agencies has contributed to the reopening of numerous schools and businesses previously closed due to fear of violence. At the international level, Saferworld has been at the forefront of civil society efforts to achieve effective arms transfer controls, including playing a leading role in a coalition of NGOs advocating for an Arms Trade Treaty. After fifteen years of pressure, a multilateral UN negotiating conference took place in 2012.

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