Masters of Givology



According to Givology, even though someone may be oceans’ away, there is still an opportunity to change the life of a child and his or her community. Indeed, not only is education a basic human right, but it breaks intergenerational chains of poverty, improves health outcomes, spurs economic growth, combats gender inequality, empowers choice, and promotes peace globally. Givology started with the philosophy that small dollars and small volunteer hours aggregate into a powerful force for change. They wanted to create an online community where personal connections really matter and that regardless of the size of our donation, they’d get regular updates, full transparency, and maximum impact per dollar spent. Here’s how Givology works: once you register for an account, you check out the different student and project profiles on Givology. Once you add money to your Givology wallet, you can allocate it to the different education projects and scholarships that resonate with you. Their dashboard makes it easy for you to track your impact portfolio and monitor for updates. For special occasions, consider giving a customizable gift certificate to your loved ones, or buying Givology merchandise in which 100% of profits go to our projects and students. Their mission is to make giving interactive – to create a community and full experience around giving. Through their messaging function, you can send a letter to their students, which they translate and deliver. In the regular updates that they receive and post online, you’ll find that our students often respond. They encourage you to blog about your experience and join a Giving Team. Through your dashboard, you can log your volunteer hours for Givology, post updates to your social media networks, and track your impact over time. Moreover, you can consider starting a Givology chapter in your local community or considering joining their team. Since its launch in 2008, Givology has raised more than $300.000 to help over 2,800 students in 26 countries through 46 grassroots partnerships. With more than 2.600 donors, 90 global volunteers, 11 chapters globally, and 30 core team members, Givology pioneers a new model of “crowd-sourcing” philanthropy to make the largest impact at the lowest cost. The 100% volunteer-driven organization, they already received numerous prizes and awards. Givology_website   Website: George Weiner


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