Meet the Global Empowers


by THE OLBIOS TEAM[/su_youtube]


 A great percent of people in a developing and a under developed country belongs to below the poverty line and they have to struggle for their daily needs. A strive for hygiene drinking water is top among their required listed items. Not only for drink, but they don’t get clean water even for their use as well. This leads the probability of getting infections from contaminated water. Global Empowers is a non-profit enterprise which has raised their hands to this backward people to provide them a better life.

 Global Empowers is the hybrid institution, founded in 2016 devoted to provide a means of social change. They always believe on the long term relationships with their employees and creating opportunities for employment. Believing in the group work, they always endeavor for the people who are deprived from all the amenities of life that they deserve.

 They believe, having purified water is the basic priority and as well as right of any people. Keeping views on this, they have come up to the market with Vigor Aqua water purifying tablet. This can make water free from germs and add some nutrients and vitamins that are much required for a better health. As these vitamins and nutrients are not contained in the diet of poor people, Global Empowers is determined to reach them these benefits through their purified water. As they are engaged in the uplifting of unfortunate people, they never compromise with the quality of their purifier. They are supplier of this Vigor Aqua water purifying tablets and seeking for fund to manufacture this to make this more available.

 The Mwansa Foundation is a newly added part to Global Empower to spread their service throughout a wide area to improve the life style of the poor people. Mwansa Foundation will work with the collaboration with small NGOs to make an opportunity for the needed people to sketch a better life through education, mentor-ship and some motivational activities.

 Musoda Joseph Mwansa, the Founder of Global Empowers, is a young African, from northern Zambia, currently lives in Perth western, Australia. As a young boy living in Zambia, Joseph had to wake up early morning to enable him get fresh water for the consumption of his family but even with that, the water had to be boiled before it becomes a little safe for consumption. This is not peculiar to his family but to the entire community and the African continent. After 6 years of studies in Australia, He returned home just to be faced with the same unsafe drinking water challenges he experienced before leaving to further his education. After sleepless nights worrying about the numerous health issues and struggle people in his community are faced with due to the consumption of unsafe water, he decided to go back to Australia to do a research and to find a solution to the problem. . 


Musonda Joseph Mwansa

Founder of Global Empowers

& OLBIOS Correspondent, Australia